Giving Your Heroes a Second Chance

Rates in our area are absolutely staggering and continuing to grow. Stats show that over 30% of all first responders and military personnel are dealing with some type of mental health problem, whether depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, or more. Current suicide numbers are outpacing the number of “line of duty deaths” by double. This staggering statistic reveals why many service families struggle with divorce and brokenness in light of job demands. Many spouses either have no idea what it is going on or do not know how to handle it. We want to reach these people, to show them it doesn’t have to be this way. Through this organization, we can reach those people through events, fundraisers, or just a bbq/get together. To be able to show to everyone love and that our community truly cares about them.


Are dealing with some type of mental health problem

Money given to American Heroes will go toward helping our heroes.

Through this nonprofit 501c3 organization, all donations will be tax-deductible. Money given to American Heroes will go toward helping these heroes. We will be focusing on raising money to hold events where people can come and be a family. To show that whatever you’re going through, you are not alone, and people will always be here to love you, support you, and show you the power in the love and grace. No matter who you are, what line of work you’re in, or what has happened in your life, no one is left out.

We will host events twice a month. Times for military, first responders and their families to come, have a great meal, fellowship and hear a word of encouragement through a message or testimony. We will have weekly encouraging videos through social media to reach people. We would also like to travel to military (veteran) homes, fire stations, police departments, Ems stations and provide a meal or baked goods for them. To be able to just say thank you and ask if there is anything they need. And through doing that we’re able to be there for them, so they know they can have a group of people who is there for them instead of them always having to be there for other people. We will also be doing several other fundraisers that will allow people to compete, have fun, and just fellowship. As well as allow people to serve and come together to help these heroes.

We have several partner businesses that want to reach out and help these heroes with job placement ranging from lawn care to moving companies. Along with job placement we will be able to provide strong counseling and medical benefits to help all our heroes. To lead them in the direction they need to go to overcome whatever situation they may be going through.

Our Services

Daily Accountability

Through this, we will be able to reach people on a day to day process. We will be able to have devotionals daily before jobs, bible studies throughout the week. Daily encouraging phone calls and text messages to encourage and show the love of fellowship and Jesus Christ.

Job Placement

With our job placement, our heroes get a second chance to make a living and gain new knowledge and insights into a new work environment.  We have several partners that are used for job placement.  If you would like to become a partner please contact us for more details.

Medical Assistance

We will be able to provide medical through Dr. Todd Flower for $89 per person for veterans or first responders who can’t provide medical care for themselves.


We have set up a sliding scale with Clint Davis Counseling.  A Christian based organization to help first responders and soldiers who need professional mental help. Most employees will provide you with counselors, but it is not Christian and biblically-based. Through this, they will be able to find support and refuge in someone who is going to lead them in a strong Christian way.

Paid Gym Memberships

We will provide money to Christ Fit Gym for all veterans, active-duty military, and first responders. A place they can come and work out to relieve anything they have going on in their lives. Also, it allows us to surround them in an environment of love and fellowship. No matter where you came from, what has happened to you, or the bad choices you have made. They will find a home where the gospel will
be shared, without discrimination or judgment.

Furniture Assistance

We will be able to provide furniture and household items to veterans who have lost their way, ex-cons who need a fresh start, first responders who just can’t afford necessities for their home.


Higher Risk of Suicide with Police vs General Population

Veterans Commite Suicide Every Day


of First Responders Have Attempted Suicide

We also know that some people and families do not suffer through this. We understand that this doesn’t affect everyone. But that doesn’t change our desire to reach them. We want to be able to help them connect, serve, and be in the presence of like-minded Christians. That way, their faith is grounded on the rocks instead of the sand. So if those trials do come, they can face them head-on with Jesus Christ leading their decisions. Also, if the opportunity presents itself, they can focus on
using their relationship to help them.

Donations can be setup directly through Justin Woodall as a one time donation or a monthly donation.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Justin Woodall

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